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2022 Collaborators Announced!

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Each year the Twisted Spruce Symposium matches guitarists and composers from around the world to collaborate and compete together. We are very excited about the 2022 collaborators as listed below. Please follow their work on our social media and tune in to watch the competition on October 29, 2022 on the Twisted Spruce YouTube channel.


Guitarists Composers

Fangfang Liu (China) Yuchi Xie (China)

Aytahn Benavi (USA) Thatcher Harrison (USA)

Carlos Bedoya (Colombia) Luca Sutto (Italy)

Joseph Piellucci (USA) Craig Matterson (Canada)

Bill White (USA) Cameron McArthur (UK)

Nicholas Martin (USA) Ely Janoville Sobral (Brazil)

Ye Ran (China) Grant Cottier (USA)

Ben Diamond (Canada) Roni Glaser (UK)

Scott Jolicoeur (Canada) Liam Kuhn (Canada)

Max Greenwald (USA) Holden Shea (USA)

Omeed Sahabi (Canada) Jacob Elkin (USA)

Sara d'Ippolito Reichert (Italy) Wenbin Lyu (China)

David Manzanares (USA) Sy Anderson (USA)

Shabyl Ajmal (Malaysia) Kian Ravaei (USA)

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