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Sy Anderson - Composition Ambassador!

The Twisted Spruce Music Foundation is pleased to announce Sy Anderson has joined our 2022 management team!


My name is Sy Anderson and I am a current student at the Jacobs School of Music. As of now, most of my experience in composing and performing is within classical music, but my real passion is for music in media. I have worked on scoring a couple of short films for my own practice and I plan on completing my school’s program in scoring for visual media. I regularly spend time listening to podcasts from professionals, such as Austin Wintory, learning about how to become an innovative and meaningful contributor to the progression of this field. Outside of music, I enjoy reading, watching movies, and keeping up with the progress and history of the video game industry. I'm a pretty involved collector of video games as well!

Favorite artists - Austin Wintory, Michael Giacchino, Yasunori Nishiki, Imagine Dragons, Daft Punk, and others!

Check out Sy's YouTube page HERE

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