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Congratulations to the 2023 Twisted Spruce collaborators! We are thrilled to announce prizewinners in this year's competition. Thank you to everyone who participated, thank you to the judges Aaron Travers, Azariah Felton, Sergei Mathakin, Natalie Dietterich, and Stephen Mattingly. Thank you also to our sponsors Wilson Burnham and Frameworks Records!


Publication Prize (if they want to publish with Azahar Press)

Cooper Wood, Angela Ortiz, David Henandez, Liam Kuhn, Ivan Parga-Renteria, Daixuan Ai


Publication with revisions (if they want to publish with Azahar Press)

Jacob Elkin, Bracha Bdil, Yuseok Seol, Holden Shea, Fraser Andras, Joel Hobbs, Thatcher Harrison, Noel Gutierrez

Collaborative Prize Tanya Landau and Sara d’Ippolito-Reichert

View their work here: 

Composition Prize

First place is Angela Ortiz

Second place is Cooper Wood

Third place is Liam Kuhn

Tied in fourth place is Thatcher Harrison and Noel Gutierrez

Guitar Prize

First place is Hao Yang

Second place is David Manzanares

Third place is Adrian Montero Moya

Tied in fourth place is Audrey Oden and Andres Guerra



  • $1000 commission 

  • Performance by the virtual ensemble and video set to animation

  • Published score

  • Feature in subsequent festival

  • Potential single or EP release with Frameworks Records



  • $200.00 (split between collaborative team)

  • Published score

  • Feature in subsequent festival

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