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Please contact Wilson Burnham to purchase this guitar from him directly.


trespasserswilson [at]


“This guitar is beautiful! Quick response, even across all strings and it lets you make any color of sound. It is amazing!” Alfredo Muro


Redwood top
Curly Black Walnut back and sides
Spanish Cedar neck
Royal Blackwood fretboard
East Indian Rosewood bridge
Ceylon Satinwood bindings
Schaller GrandTune tuning machines with roller bearings
HumiCase Protégé  case

String length - 640mm
$3995, plus shipping

Body length - 480mm
Upper bout width and depth - 265mm, 93mm
Waist width and depth - 232mm, 96mm
Lower bout width and depth - 356mm, 99mm
Overall length - 988mm

Neck width at nut - 52mm
Neck width at 12th fret - 62mm
Neck depth at 1st fret - 21mm
Neck depth at 9th fret - 22.5mm

String spacing at nut - 42.5mm
String spacing at bridge - 58.5mm

1st string height at 12th fret - 3.175mm
6th string height at 12th fret - 3.97mm

Weight without tuning machines - 2lbs, 9oz (1148 grams)
Weight with Schaller tuners - 2lbs, 15oz (1310 grams)

Redwood Sandwich Top

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