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Parts, Together

The Twisted Spruce World Ensemble started as a response to the pandemic, offering the opportunity for musicians to perform in an ensemble when it was impossible to do so.  2020 was an inclusive community project of 100 diverse guitarists whose recordings are set to animation by Chia-Hsin Lee (Taiwan).  The animation underscores the narrative that we are a global community, uniquely diverse, and #AloneTogether.  We created this project as a way for people to connect or feel connected while in isolation.  The music score for Parts, Together, is an original composition for this project by Australian (Perth based) composer Azariah Felton.  The audio was recorded by each guitarist independently and was mixed and mastered by D. James Tagg.  The recordings came from guitarists representing Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Serbia, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Vietnam.  

PREMIER: Wednesday, November 25, 2020  | 7pm EST

Where: The International Guitar Institute Facebook Page

2021 Bitesize.png
Azariah 1.5 x 2 in.png
Azariah Felton
Chia 1.5 x 2.png
Chia-Hsin Lee
2020 Guitar Performers
Adam Del Monte
Martha Masters
David Tanenbaum
Jim Bosse
Jiri Svoboda
Nathan Fischer
Vincent Lindsey-Clark
Colin McAllister
Matthew Cochran
Paul Cesarczyk
Ammar Bahar
Sergei Matokhin
Igor Devlikamov
Elena Isakova
Hazriq Zulkepli
Joel Brown
Craig Lake
Benjamin Gateno
Alex Potapov
Kopytina Veronika
Joanne Castellani

Dale Kavanagh
Brad DeRoche
Nicholas Ciraldo
Natalia Lipnitskaya
Marga Abejo-Momper
Leandro Martin Ong
Florian Larousse
Aaron Aguila
Iqui Vinculado
Jonathan Paget
Corey Harvin
Shabyl Ajmal
Stanley Yates
An Tran
Eli Schille-Hudson
Ivar-Nicholas Fojas
Russ Callison
Robert Trent
William Beauvais
Danielle Cumming
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