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Capo Description


The perfect gift for any guitarist! All sales of capos/cejillas are sent direct from Wilson Burnham in Denver, Colorado to you. Wilson hand makes these capos in his guitar shop from the finest classical guitar tone woods. All capos/cejillas are faced with neoprene, to provide the best sound from your guitar. All tie strings are quality brand high-tension nylon strings that are covered with vinyl tubing to protect your guitar's neck. Capo pegs are made from East Indian rosewood.


Capos/cejillas are 2 3/8 inches long, 5/8 of an inch wide, 1/2 of an inch tall. They are covered with neoprene rubber to face to capo, the part that goes against the strings. All pegs are rosewood that are attached to the capo with LaBella Flamenco “G” guitar strings which is cover with clear vinyl tubing to protect the guitar neck.


Ask Wilson about availability in the following wood types!

Cocobolo “media luna”

Maple with ebony laminate


East Indian rosewood

Olive wood from Bethlehem

Santos rosewood


These handmade solid wood capos are $40 which includes shipping. Questions about capos can be directed to Wilson Burnham at




Capo 1: Rosewood

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