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Images and Elemental Forces is a dynamic flight of the imagination for this wonderful
instrument. It enables performers to explore the whole range of color, rhythmic movement
and expression of the guitar, from the beauty of its gentleness and subtly, to its brilliant and
fiery power. Through this piece and its rewarding challenges, ambitious guitarists will shine
with expressive wonder.

This composition was born directly out of a collaboration with the guitarist Ben Diamond
and an exploration of what we are like as musicians and humans. It emerged from a
resonance of character, imagination and dynamism that manifested as music. In exchanging
ideas about the music, we found great commonality in the images, sensations, elemental
forces and movement the piece evoked in us, and so the composition was given its name.
Images and Elemental Forces was written for the 2022 Twisted Spruce Symposium and won
1st prize in the Composition Competition.

Images and Elemental Forces by Roni Glaser

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