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Listen to Parts, Together


Parts, Together was commissioned in March 2020, by Nathan Fischer in response to how we make music during the global pandemic. The intention was to build a project that included a diverse network of guitarists who’s collected parts would be set to an animation by Chia-Hsin Lee.
“The score is meant to emphasize parts that rely upon each other, interlocked, and connected in really fun ways so when people are listening to Parts, Together they can hear how everything is linked to create a whole that is greater than its parts. The composition aimed to recapture and emphasize the elated sensation of performing chamber music, which is the thing that has been most difficult to let go in a time when people can’t rehearse or perform together. The work is meant to be played by people from all over the world in different situations and career stages.” - Azariah Felton. The audio is available across streaming platforms courtesy of Frameworks Records.
The animation for Parts, Together underscores the narrative that we are a global community, uniquely diverse, and #AloneTogether. The work premiered November 25, 2020 via streaming on the International Guitar Institute Facebook Page and the Twisted Spruce Music Foundation YouTube channel. Audio is available for streaming courtesy of Frameworks Records.
The bass guitar (guitar 8) is arranged for a six string contra bass guitar. However, performance ensembles should feel welcome to perform this work on a four-sting contra bass, or electric bass. This will require editing fingerings of the part

2020 World Ensemble - Premiere Performers
Aaron Aguila
Abbey Bradstreet
Adam Del Monte
Adam Kossler
Alex Komodore
Alex Potapov
Ammar Bahar
An Tran
Andrea Cannon
Benjamin Altman
Benjamin Gateno
Brad DeRoche
Carlo Guillermo Frierens
Chinnawat Themkumkwun
Christopher Mallett
Colin McAllister
Corey Harvin
Craig Lake
Dale Kavanagh
Daniel Bolshoy
Danielle Cumming
Dave Veslocki
David Tanenbaum
Denis Azabagic
Derek Keller
Elena Isakova
Matthew Cochran
Melissa Fitzgerald
Mesut Özgen
Natalia Lipnitskaya
Nathan Fischer
Nicholas Ciraldo Ögmundur Þór Jóhannesson
Paul Cesarczyk
Paulo Inda
Petar Kodzas
Ricardo Hernández Reyes
Robert Miller
Robert Parker
Robert Trent
Russ Callison
Sergei Matokhin
Shabyl Ajmal
Stanley Yates
Steven Thachuk
Stuart Fox
Sven Rainey
Thomas Aquino
Tom Torrisi
Vincent Lindsey-Clark
William Beauvais
YunZhe Lin
Eli Schille-Hudson
Florian Larousse
Hazriq Zulkepli
Igor Devlikamov
Iqui Vinculado
Isabella Fincher
Ivor Fojas Jay Kacherski
Jim Bosse
Jiri Svoboda
Joanne Castellani
Joel Brown
John Kossler
Jon Gillin
Jonathan Leathwood
Jonathan Paget
Ken Meyer
Kevin Vigil
Kopytina Veronika
Leandro Martin Ong
Lucas Turning
Lynn McGrath
Marga Abejo-Momper
Marija Temo
Martha Masters
Mattew Slotkin
Matthew Ardizzone

Parts, Together by Azariah Felton

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