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After winning the Collaboration Prize in the 2020 Twisted Spruce Symposium for our guitar solo composition, Twisted Spruce Rag, Stephen Brew and I, Jim Bosse, decided to compose a guitar duet. We were scheduled to make a presentation at the 2021 Twisted Spruce Symposium so we planned to present our new duet as part of our presentation. As with our 2020 collaboration, this was during the COVID-19 Pandemic so everything had to be done virtually, with Stephen in New York and I in Colorado. The 2021 Symposium was also to be held virtually via Zoom.

We decided to use Stephen’s last name in the title and compose a fun Halloween style piece, Witches’ Brew. It was to sound haunting and mysterious. We were each assigned to come up with original themes and to plagiarize some material from our Twisted Spruce Rag, to tie these pieces together. When completed, we each made a video of our part. Stephen then combined them so we could upload the video to YouTube.

Our hope is to be able to perform this duet together in a live concert, someday post pandemic. We dedicated Witches’ Brew to the Twisted Spruce Foundation as we are grateful for this foundation randomly pairing us together.

Witches' Brew by Jim Bosse and Steve Brew

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