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Composition Ambassador - Daixuan Ai

Hello! My name is Daixuan Ai, and I am a Chinese American composer, pianist, and music educator currently based in Bloomington, Indiana.

I compose for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, large ensembles, and electronics. Through my music, I like exploring ways of combining traditions with innovations, and blending cultures from both the East and West. I also seek ways to honor my cultural heritage, to form meaningful and genuine connections with my audiences, and to make positive impacts in my communities and in the greater society.

My current composition projects include an art song inspired by Robert Schumann's 12 Kerner Lieder (Op. 35), a solo guitar piece for Twisted Spruce (yay!), and a sinfonietta for Indiana University's New Music Ensemble. When I'm not composing, you can catch me playing tennis, hanging out with my cat Dottie, meditating, watching movies/shows/anime, and spending quality time with friends. You can discover my music at, and please say hi to me on Instagram :)

I can't wait to meet you all at this year's Twisted Spruce online symposium!

Photo credit for the last photo:

Chicago Civic Orchestra "New Adventures" chamber music concert, photo by Todd Rosenberg

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Amazing! Looking forward to meeting you at IU.

Daixuan Ai
Daixuan Ai
Jul 14, 2023
Replying to

Hi Carlos! Hope to see you in Bloomington!

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