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Thank you to Sponsors - Winners Announced!

SPECIAL THANKS to our sponsors! Wilson Burnham thank you for your hard work and dedication toward supporting the mission of the Twisted Spruce Music Foundation. We appreciate all you give for the Twisted Spruce and each year's guitar winner. Wilson's guitars are set up to play with technical ease and accuracy, and they have a warm even tone. For this reason, it is an honor to present them to our constituents and prize winner.

"Happy one-year birthday to my guitar made by Wilson Burnham! His

guitar has become my concert instrument and has traveled the world

with me this past year. I love how unique and beautiful my Wilson

Burnahm guitar is. It is truly one of the most incredible instruments I

have ever played." - Marisa Sardo, 2021 Guitar Prize

Thank you also to Frameworks Records! We are thrilled to release Marisa Sardo's premiere solo album in the coming months and hope to continue this with each year's winners. More to come on that one!

View the incredible work of the 2022 Twisted Spruce winners and finalists

Collaboration Prize

Publication with Azahar Press

Kian Ravaei

Liam Kuhn

Luca Sutto

Roni Glaser

Sy Anderson

Thatcher Harrison

Winbin Lyu

Music Composition

Guitar Performance

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